Located in Silicon Valley (Central California), And Again initially came together in 1996 when Tim Downer, Paul Hightower, and Allen Walker gathered to play music in which they all shared a common interest. Attracted by their similar musical influences, the three members started writing and producing demos of their own original material. The band came to the decision to self-produce a CD of their material as an outlet for their creativity.

The music of And Again has progressive stylings, but with emphasis on more conventional song writing and lyrical structure. Yes, Marillion, Rush, and UK are amongst their list of influences.

And Again has completed writing the material for their CD, and is currently in the process of recording tracks at their private project studio nicknamed 'Stage Left.' Check back again for reports on its progress.

And Again also appears on the Marillion Tribute CD "Hope for the Future", a rare collection of Marillion songs recorded by other artists. See the Marillion Tribute page for more information.